Pruebas de Recuperación

Pruebas de Recuperación

diciembre 28, 2023·alejandro

The forgotten “Fail over tests”: Does your organization have a test plan in place?

For example, What if one application server is down?

  • Does the load balancer react properly?
  • The resulting system keeps able to handle the load?
  • The restart is fully automated or need manually intervention?
  • Does the communication of the incident reach on time to the correct people?

Fail over testing assesses the system’s capacity to sustain regular operations while transitioning the processing function to a backup system. This examination verifies the system’s ability to assign supplementary resources as required and its capability to detect the occurrence of such needs.

By conducting these assessments beforehand, IT teams establish a standard for future reference. This preparation grants them assurance that they can take a server offline for maintenance without substantially disrupting production.

Managers gain confidence that in an extraordinary circumstance, the system’s redundancy can manage the issue seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted operations and preserving the company’s image.